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Want to deck yourself out in the full Renegades Kit?  Here is how we can help you out!

SOCKS   $10 each or TWO for $17

Socks are available in 3 lengths (ankle, long & mid) & 3 different sizes (2-8, 8-11, 11-14)

  • Ankle length: top pops up just over your shoes
  • "Long" length: top would pop up just over an ankle brace, not knee high
  • Mid lenth: somewhere in between

NOTE: Ankle length is not available in size 11-14, and there are only 3* pairs of the long length in size 11-14.

Socks can be purchased from Ops Managers/Treasurer/Gus at training or at most State League games.


Sure, you might already have a stubbie holder from the country you travelled to last year, but think how impressed your friends will be when you offer them a spare Renegades Stubbie Holder when they come around with a cold 6 pack and no gloves.

Stubbie holders can be purchased from Ops Managers/Treasurer/Gus at training.


With one of these, you'll never find yourself losing your keys* or wishing you bought the 'twist-tops'

*not a guarantee

TRACKSUITS   jackets $75   pants $45

Buy pants & jacket and receive a FREE polo!

Jacket sizes currently available:  M, XL
Pant sizes currently available:  L, XXL, XXXL*

It is expected that all Honours & Division One players wear tracksuits to all competitions when representing Renegades
Speak with Ops Managers/Treasurer/Gus to sort out your tracksuit (stock kept at Melbourne Uni)

POLOS  $30 (Discounted)

Sizes available: L, XL

Speak with Ops Managers/Treasurer/Gus to find you a polo


Speak with the Ops Managers/Treasurer/Gus at training